Birthdays, Anniversarys, and Good Times for all!

Don loving life on the Piatua
A big thanks to George and Leslie for putting together this group from Colorado (and Michelle from California) to celebrate the long kayaking careers that many of them have had, and to enhance and build upon the short kayaking careers that some of their newest members have had.
Michelle enjoying some fine scenery and great whitewater on the Upper Cosanga
There was a 60th birthday celebration and a 19th anniversary celebration on the trip; and to top that, there was a 71-year-old out there showing all you young-uns that you can still be a complete bad ass even once you pass 22 years of age!
George taking flight in the Jefe Grande on the Rio Cosanga
This crew paddled some of Ecuador’s best Class IV runs including the Cosanga, El Chaco Canyon, the Upper Mis, and the Piatua River.
While the “other crew” was downing an entire bottle of Don Julio, Don Grall decided to talk a walk amongst the gardens at Cabanas Tres Rios and enjoy a little nature
So, all you young boaters out there, keep it safe and take care of your bodies so you can still travel to Ecuador to paddle Class IV when you are 60—and even better yet, when you are 71!

Leslie staying focused and enjoying the awesome whitewater in the Quijos Valley

Peter W., the “token 71-yr-old” tearing it up in the Quijos Valley!

David, the newest member of George’s paddling crew showing his boof skills off on the Rio Piatua
Tres Amigos at Cabanas Tres Rios–Don, George, Leslie chilling out and enjoying happy hour on the porch of SWA’s lodge

Spencer and Ben doing what they do best–drinking and relaxing on the beach after a sweet surf session
And, on a completely different topic (and trip), here are a few shots from our Rivers and Beaches trip.

Guy, Tarquino, Spencer and Ben enjoying the last rays of sunshine from their beach front cabana.
 So, long long ago (well, back on January 7th) we had a Rivers and Beaches trip.  On this trip, the group paddled 4 days of rivers in the Quijos Valley basing out of SWA’s riverside lodge.  Then, they headed to the coast of Ecuador for 3 days of kayak surfing in the ocean. 
Sunset on the coast of Ecuador
Larry’s camera just recently surfaced with a few photos from the beach portion of the trip so I’m adding them to this week’s blog of our Colorado crew of distinguished bad asses.
Speaking of distinguished bad asses, Larry!   Here he is admiring a bad ass bromeliad from the Ecuadorian rainforest.
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