Bear River Festival–huge sucess!

The Bear River Festival in southeastern Idaho was awesome last weekend. There was a great turn out of paddlers, a jamming band, good friends, food and beer–what more can you ask for?

Don and I got to paddle the river with our friends Shannan and Steiner–that’s Shannan above at the put in. Shannan was super stoked about this run since he’d paddled for years in Idaho in the Riggens area but had never had the chance to do this river before. Thanks to the releases, lots of local paddlers got their first experience on this gem of a river in the middle of Potato-Land.

You know it’s a pretty sweet “grass-roots” festival when the kegs show up in the back of a dude’s Subaru! All beer jokes aside, the organizers of this event did a really great job. Everything ran smoothly, they gave out tons of cool prizes, and cleaned everything up afterwards leaving the town of Grace with a good opinion of kayakers.

Norm, Wally, and Steiner enjoying a little food, Red Bull, and sunshine after boating.

And, oh yes, there was debauchery!

We are on our way to the Pacific Northwest now. We’ll be at the Robe Race in Granite Falls, WA next weekend, then we are off to British Columbia for the Chilliwack Festival on April 30th.

We hope to see you out there, and remember to go to our website to sign up for the contest.
We’ll be giving away an IR Thin Skin on May 1st, so check your emails to see if you’ve won!

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