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Review: Recon 83 in Ecuador

Wavesport Recon 83 Review ¬†Miguel dodging the massive hole at the bottom of Aspen Extreme and putting the Recon to the test in big water While Michael has been paddling with us in Ecuador this past month he’s been cultivating his alter-ego–Miguel–as well as cultivating what I see as a long-lasting relationship with his new […]

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Too Busy Kayaking, No Time for Blogging!

Tarquino enjoying typical scenery on his home river, the Upper Misahualli.  This photo was taken December 31st.  Not a bad way to end 2012 We’ve been so busy kayaking in Ecuador that we haven’t had anytime to blog about kayaking in Ecuador.  I’m averaging 29-30 days paddling per month since November, I think Don has […]

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