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Boof Baby Boof!

Ken dwarfed by the Piatua’s giant boulders For our first trip of 2012 we had a group of boof-junkies come down to Ecuador to sample some of the country’s finest technical runs. Josephine nailing her boof stroke timing–she is getting some sweet disconnection with the water! They came from Colorado, California, Alberta, Washington and Germany.  […]

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The Kayaking Chicas Invade!

Sarah navigating the boulder gardens of the Upper Tena Ecuador has many interesting traditions that are much different from our traditions in North America; but some of my favorites occur during New Years.   The Girls cruising down the Upper Misahualli.  This was their New Year’s Eve paddle.  What better way to end 2011 than with […]

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Living the Life in Ecuador

Greg picked up a hitch hiker on the Upper Misahualli.  Don’t worry, I’m sure the kid was at least 3 years old!  However old he was, he was a much better swimmer than I most of us. As I sit in Tena listening to the rain pounding down on the tin roof, I realize that […]

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