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A short history of Cabañas Tres Rios

Small World Adventures is celebrating the 10th anniversary of our lodge–Cabanas Tres Rios–and want to pay tribute to Larry and his great idea! It’s often very difficult to get Larry Vermeeren to talk about himself and his accomplishments. He’s way too modest, and likes to just sit back and listen to other people’s stories. But, […]

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fiestas of borja

Kayak Ecuador during the Virgin of Quinche Feistas! November 21st is always an interesting time to be in Borja–our local community and home base of Small World Adventure’s riverside lodge for the past 13 years. This day marks the celebration of the Virgin of Quinche–an interesting figure in both Indigenous and Catholic Ecuadorian faith. The […]

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Aspen Whitewater+Ecuador+Reggaeton=1 rad vacation!

Reaping the rewards of a jungle portage. The ‘gang’ dropping into Land of the Giants A crew from Aspen Whitewater Rafting was in Ecuador last week to test their mettle against the mighty rivers of the Amazon Basin. What did they find? Huge rapids, exciting jungle downpours, monkeys, flaming shots in the bar, and a […]

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Cuy–AKA Guinea Pigs.

(Atsuko in Lower El Chaco Canyon) Atsuko from Japan helped us get our season started last week. This was Atsuko’s 4th visit to Ecuador with SWA! Atsuko is somewhat of a food connoisseur and enjoys exploring different traditional foods in the places she travels. So, this go around, she decided to dive in and sample […]

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