Boatin’ Trip to Ecuador, January 25, 2009
Last week we were lucky to have a group of buddies, from Utah/Idaho, down here to boat with us. They’ve been boating together for years, and while they’d taken plenty of boatin’ trips out and around, this was there first time on an “outfitted” trip. The pressure was on for SWA to deliver. Luckily Ecuador has some great stuff, on and off the river to offer. We like to think we’re pretty good at finding the cool stuff, too. The gang agreed, saying “this trip exceeded our expectations in every way…and we had some pretty damn high expectations.”
Well guys, it was fun boating with you, too, and we look forward to having you back.
Typical scenery on the Upper Misahualli
An epic night of rain at our lodge had us zip on over to Tena a day earlier than normal. We usually spend the first two days of the week in our backyard in the Quijos valley. But after major rain all night had us tempted to sleep with our lifejackets on (almost – the river rose 10 vertical feet in front of our place over night). We decided a change of venue was in order. Through luck, planning, and brilliant guessing we had some great runs on the Misahualli, Piatua, and Jondachi rivers.
Boulder garden on the Upper Misahualli
Happy boaters on the Misahualli
Bridge keepers on the Piatua

Toro Loco, Rio Piatua
Sabado Gigante, Rio Piatua
more Sabado Gigante…

Gringo-testing the hanging bridge

Night time view from the Arana Bar in Tena
(insert margaritas here)

So we use a trail that cuts through a local community to access the Jondachi River. As a kind of an entrance fee, and to give some money to the local community, we hire porters to help carry our boats in. But lets face it, we can use the help…

Jondachi put-in fun

(She’s thinking, “stop playing around in the mud so I can get this boat off my head!”)

“yep, don’t need a boat on my shoulder right now”

Crocs: Really comfy, yes. Good in mud, no.

After a great three days in Tena, we headed back to our lodge in the Quijos valley, where water had dropped back to fun levels.

The sprinter, loaded for boatin.

We got on the Lower Cosanga, Quijos, and the Oyacachi Rivers. Sorry, no pictures of the Oyacachi this week, things were a bit too fun for photography!

Lavadora, Rio Cosanga

Lunch on the Cosanga

Kicking it at the cabins

The Boys.
Boyd, Todd, Justin, Wally, Nick, Norm, Mike.

Ok, a ringer counts as 3, a leaner as 2,

how ’bout a windsheild?

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